The Institute of Health Sciences is a partnership between the University of Manchester and local NHS Trusts
Institute of Health Sciences

NIHR Topic Specific Networks

In 2005/6, two IHS networks (Diabetes and Obesity Research Network and Child Health Research Network) were successful in bidding to establish National Institutes for Health Research Local Research Networks (LRNs):

The IHS provided administrative support and tactical advice to a further two groups (Stroke and Dementia and Neurodegeneration) that were similarly successful in their bids to establish LRNs (approximately £1.1m each 2006-2008 with funding extended until 2013).

NIHR Topic Specific Networks

The work of all comprehensive and topic specific networks are coordinated by the NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre.





Healthcare workers in the North West
NIHR Clinical Research Networks aim to:
• Ensure patients and healthcare professionals across England can participate in and benefit from clinical research
• Integrate health research and patient care
• Improve the quality, speed and coordination of clinical research
• Increase collaboration with industry partners and ensure the NHS meets the health research needs of industry